Dungeons, Dragons, and Dismemberment

Session 0B - With Vakerra and Wolden

Barfights Oh My with Vakerra and Wolden

Wolden Gracklehoof, a [REDACTED], is friendly to the town via providing the Stonehill inn w/ a particularly unique ale (Grackleweizen) He has recently been late in delivering the monthly barrel of ale, due to finding rather cryptic messages left in amateurishly written druidic and investigating such notes. He arrives at the stonehill inn to find that they no longer want the ale, altho it looked like they were lying. He then is introduced to the redbrands who demand the ale under threat of violence. A tall and mysterious Tiefling woman came to his aid… they overcame the redbrands and after questioning, realized that the thugs are demanding his ale to be delivered to a local tap house (that he did not know existed) called the sleeping giant.

Vakerra Witchgrinder, a [REDACTED]. She arrives in Phandalin to see Wolden get threatened by redbrand ruffians. They end up defeating the thugs and after some interrogation, they realized the thugs convene at another tap house and their job was to get the ale and bring it there by any means necessary. The pair decides then to don the leftover red cloaks and head over there.



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