Dungeons, Dragons, and Dismemberment

Session 0A - With Binkfonk, Berkali, and Anton

Binkfonk, Anton, and Berkali

Binkfonk and Berkali found themselves unlikely companions on a escort job from the bustling city-state of Ferroath, one of the largest and most stable of city states in the land. Their job was to escort a caravan from Ferroath to the new bustling settlement of Phandalin. Their Patron, Gundren Rockseeker, was to head off in advance to “arrange a few things” with his human fighter companion, Sildar Hallwinter.

On the way they find Gundren and Sildar’s horses covered in arrows… and some goblins who ambushed them. Defeating them they tracked their paths to a hideout where they rescued Sildar and learned that Gundren is sent elsewhere.

Arriving in Phandalin, Binkfonk and Berkali was asked by both Sildar and a local chapter of the famed Lioncoisters’ outfitting company to deal with the local Redbrands (a group of self-styled local police-cum-thugs who has been harassing the local inhabitants.) They also met a Paladin of the Green, Anton, who arrived in town to check in on a local temple’s keeper.

Finding the shrine of luck ransacked, the group of 3 ran into their first encounter w/ the redbrands. The thugs attempted to intimidate them but instead, ran away defeated. From conversations w/ local inhabitants, they were told that the redbrands frequent a local taphouse called the Sleeping Giant.



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