Tag: NPC


  • Gundren Rockseeker

    One of the three Rockseeker Bros He Is attempting to reopen the mine that has been dormant for thousands of years. Was heading to Phandalin w/ Sildar Hallwinter but was captured by Goblins. Current Location: Unknown.

  • Sildar Hallwinter

    * A representative from the Lord's Alliance sent to investigate the whereabouts of Iarno Albrek (another representative.) * Joined Gundren to travel to Phandalin but also was captured... * rescued by party and established himself in Phandalin to 1.) …

  • Sister Garaele

    * Minister at the only shrine in Phandalin: the Shrine of Tyche(Goddess of Luck and Fortune) * Captured by the Redbrands while attempting to harbor and protect a little girl who managed to escape * Current Location: in a the panic room (ala the pit) at …

  • Dunbar

    * An agent of the [[Lords' Alliance | Lord's Alliance]] that was sent to spy on the Redbrands. Unfortunately, was discovered and captured. * Former scam artist/scout in various thieve guilds. * Tortured by [[:glassstaff | Glassstaff]] for information. …

  • Iarno Albrek (GlassStaff)

    * Also from the Lord's Alliance, aka GlassStaff, the head of the redbrand gang. * Was doing some sort of experiment involving Wolden's Glackleweisen. * reported to "The Black Spider" * Current Location: DEAD, in redbrands hideout.